The “Teaching Kitchen Nutrition Coaching and Training Program” of Go2Health

The Teaching Kitchen Nutrition Coaching and Training Program is an online nutrition coaching program specifically designed to help our clients integrate the relationship between lifestyle inputs and the dynamic relationship between an empowered patient and an engaged team of health care professionals. The aim of this program is to overcome obstacles to achieving an optimal level of health for the patient. Our nutrition coaching program will address his/her lifestyle and attitude towards nutrition.

There are 6 Teaching Kitchen Nutrition Coaching and Training Program, as follows:

KIDNEY KITCHEN for kidney health problems

HEART HEALTHY KITCHEN for metabolic cardiology health problems

BUILD YOUR BRAIN KITCHEN for neuro degeneration health problems

THRIVING BIG C SURVIVOR KITCHEN for the health management of cancer patients

IMMUNE RESILIENCY KITCHEN for immune system concerns

NUTRITION EDGE FOR KIDS KITCHEN for managing growing kids’ health concerns

In our Teaching Kitchen Nutrition Coaching and Training Program, the doctor and other allied health professionals, the Nutritionist and Culinary Chef play a significant role of being a nutrition coach and architect to design the staging ground for transforming your kitchen into a Teaching Kitchen.

The Go2Health Team

The team of health professionals from Go2Health, Inc. who will help you properly implement your protocol is composed of the following:

1. Functional Medicine Doctor

2. Nutritionist

3. Culinary Medicine Chef

Go2Health’s Teaching Kitchen Nutrition Coaching and Training Program has the following features:

• Menu Planning for sustainable implementation of a Well Formulated Modified Food Plan that is customized and adaptive to achieve desired health outcomes

• Tracking of the several vital nutrients affected by your chronic health insufficiency

• Nutrient Food Guide and Trackers

• Dining Out Food Guide and Sessions

• Virtual Shopping Session

• Kitchen Essential Check-up and Design

• Involves the Four Phases of a Well Formulated Diet to achieve the target and desired Nutritional Ketosis

• Adopt

• Adjust

• Built

• Maintain

• Includes Seven Steps to Sustainability

• Guilt Free Eating guide

• Laboratory Tracking and Monitoring and its Nutrient Connection

• Health Ecosystem Partner and Networks

• Runs for 3 months

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