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Integrative Health Management for Cancer

Cancer is the third leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the country after diseases of the heart and the vascular system (Philippine Health Statistics 2009). 189 of every 100,000 Filipinos are afflicted with cancer while four Filipinos die of cancer every hour or 96 cancer patients every day, according to a study conducted by the University of the Philippines’ Institute of Human Genetics, National Institutes of Health.

This is why there is a need for a changing approach on how we deal with Cancer. Go2Health offers an integrative health management approach which brings conventional and functional medicine together in a coordinated way. It focuses on a holistic and patient-focused treatment, rather than treating the disease in an isolated approach.

With our approach, we consider everything - the mind, emotion, spirituality of the patient. Integrative Health Management for cancer emphasizes the treatment of the whole person instead of only one organ.

Intensive Kidney Health Program

The kidney is a unique organ. It has the ability to compensate for its insufficiency. The only time that it will make you feel that it malfunctions is when its capacity is down to only 20%. By that time, the patient is left with only two options: a lifetime of dialysis or a kidney transplant.

This is why the earlier you determine your chronic kidney insufficiencies and address the root causes why it is compromised, the bigger the possibility that you can protect it.

Go2Health's Intensive Kidney Program is a highly individualized and precise nutrition and supplementation program to help delay and prevent kidney diseases progression. Here, we combine the power of digital health and the precision of personalized medicine. It is a program where we use strategies and approaches to achieve longevity and vitality, keeping in mind how the body is a network of systems that is inevitably interconnected.

Optimal Birth Outcome & Well Pregnancy Program

There is nothing more important during a pregnancy than ensuring the health and well-being of both the mother and the child. Pregnant women take necessary precaution to maintain a healthy pregnancy like lessening stress, exercising if possible, and eating healthy. But are those enough?

This is where Go2Health's Optimal Birth Outcome and WellPregnancy Program comes in. This personalized program mainly addresses the development of resilience in the utero. It lays out how to care for the mother so that the child develops and grows properly.

It is undeniable that the health of the parents significantly affect the health of the child in the long run. This is why this program puts a premium on managing the health and wellness of the woman and child during and after pregnancy while considering the mother's health history.

The program also includes stress and sleep management as an approach to reduce the risk of negative birth outcomes.

Metabolic Cardiology Program

Prevention is always better than cure  Especially if we are talking about protecting an organ so vital to the proper function of our body.

Our Metabolic Cardiology program offers a unique and Personalized Health Management plan for people with severe Congestive Heart Failure. Metabolic cardiology delivers nutrients (glucose, fatty acids, creatine) to improve O2 delivery and energy & ATP production to provide substrates for the optimal function of the heart muscle. The heart is different from other organs, as it prefers fatty acids to glucose for energy. The rationale and goals of the program is to give a substance in greater than normal levels to drive enzymatic reactions in preferred direction and to correct an absolute or relative nutrient/component deficiencies to promote optimal cell functioning.

NEURO Regeneration Program

Have you ever felt like you are having lapses in your memory brain fog, or some depressive-like symptoms? You might be experiencing brain-based fatigue which is the earliest sign of brain degeneration.

Don't worry though, once you detect these symptoms, you can still reverse them. One of the characteristics of the brain is its neuro-plasticity. The brain can regenerate.

This neuroplasticity is the anchor of Go2Health's Neuro Regeneration and Reparative Program. It focuses on equipping the brain with enough energy to regenerate and repair itself. It puts a premium on nutrition medicine as an approach to reverse degeneration.

The program employs a highly personalized plan which consists of a combination of nutrition medicine and other interventions to reverse neurodegeneration.

GUT Immune System Rejuvenation and Restoration Program

Are you suffering from any of the following diseases and conditions?

• Asthma (pulmonary and skin)
• Chronic digestive conditions and symptoms - GERD, IBS, IBD
• Autoimmune disease conditions- SLE, Rheumatoid arthritis
• Chronic pain and fatigue sufferers with no known or identified
   disease diagnosis.
• Chronic sufferers and survivors of the impact of COVID-19 infection.
• Chronic Skin conditions- Eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis

Then, Go2Health’s Gut Immune System Rejuvenation and Restoration Program maybe the better option for you.

This program utilizes the integration of evidence-based culinary medicine method, nutrition science and functional medicine together with the different biological determinants of your health such as exercise, sleep, meditation, nature, breathing and movement as medicine.

Kids Health Restoration and Optimization (HERO) Program

Is your child experiencing difficulties with day-to-day activities? Are you confident that your child’s health is optimal for his/her age?

Your child’s health may be compromised and is affecting the development of his/her body.

With the use of Functional Medicine, Nutrition Science, and culinary medicine, your child still has time to reach an optimal level of health and finally be able to fully enjoy his/her childhood and grow up living a healthy lifestyle.

Why force your child to be healthy when they can learn to love being healthy at a young age!

Functional Weight Management Program


Did you know….

…that obesity is linked to 12 chronic diseases?

…that obese individuals are more vulnerable to have sever outcome or manifestation of Covid19 due to their Immune System Dysregulation, which predisposes them to manifest with cytokine storm?

…that healthy weight loss is more than just food and exercise?

Invest in your health and strengthen your immune system now and avoid having to spend on chronic diseases before it’s too late. With our Functional Weight Management Program, you will be under the care of a Functional Medicine Doctor, Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer.

Find out more about our Functional Weight Management Program now!

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