by Christian Joseph S. Baluyot, RND

November 16, 2021 | Tuesday

Food and Nutrition has been an integral part of our daily living. It is an essential that all people need to address, sustain, and maintain. A lot of articles and news are popping up giving highlight to these “proper diet” and “right foods” but are we sure that what we read online are information that is applicable to us? The short answer is… No, they don’t!

While technically, most of this information surfacing online are correct and based on facts, not all recommendations online are applicable to everyone since each one of us are as unique as our fingerprints and DNA. No two bodies are alike. What seems to be an effective diet and regimen to one person may not be directly beneficial to another person.

The thing that lacks this online information is PERSONALIZATION. And personalization is the key to proper and targeted nutrition. Here is the Three-Way Checklist to ensure a proper and targeted nutrition:

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