FM Doctor Consult – Domestic Patients (No Health Protocol)

Initial Consultation Online - 90 Minutes – Php 3,000

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Initial Consultation Online - 120 Minutes – Php 3,500

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FM Doctor Consult – Overseas Patients (With Health Protocol)

90 Minutes – USD 150.00

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120 Minutes – USD 200.00

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FM Nutritionist Consult – Domestic Patients

90 Minutes – Php 2,000

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180 Minutes – Php 3,700

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FM Nutritionist Consult – Overseas Patients

90 Minutes – USD 70.00

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180 Minutes – USD 135.00

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Basic Personalized Health Protocol:

(PHP 5,000.00)

  1. Identified Health Concern and Wellness Goals of the Patient

  2. Health Optimization Management Goals

  3. Personalized Nutraceutical Protocol (for 3 months)

  4. Nutrition Intervention and Food Plan Recommendations

  5. Lifestyle recommendations

  6. Recommended Diagnostics and referrals to other Integrative Health practitioners and or subspecialists

Comprehensive Personalized Health Protocol:

(PHP 8,000.00)

   1. Summary Of Significant Findings Of Laboratory Tests And Its Potential Clinical Indications

   2. Health Restoration And Optimization Management Goals

   3. Treatment Approaches To Achieve The Health Management Goals

       a. Nutrition

       b. Hydration

       c. Eating Patterns and Behavior

       d. Rhythm of Eating

       e. Specific Micronutrient and macronutrient targets proven to prevent and improve specific diseases and conditions.

       f. Customized Nutrient Protocol Designed in order to address and achieve the health goals

   4. Modifiable Lifestyle Recommendations

   5. Other Recommendations

   6. Referral To Other Health Practitioners Of Subspecialists



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